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Slow not lazy – my theme for 2017

New Year resolutions are so last year (phew, I suck at them). Rather, the trend is to set yourself a single word, theme or intention to guide your year. My theme for 2017 is “slow not lazy”. I could have chosen “slow”, but I didn’t. Here’s why.

The negative connotations of slow (slack, sluggish, tiresome, stupid – there are many), combined with the glorification of busyness, leaves the term open to misinterpretation. So, unfortunately, I feel slow as a lifestyle aspiration needs some qualification. Distinguishing slow from lazy highlights the characteristics I seek to cultivate – deliberate, measured and unhurried.

In part, “slow not lazy” is a personal affirmation that it’s okay to live slow. It also reflects the statement I want to make to the world in how I live my life. I plan to be active and productive in a very deliberate way. While I’m open to opportunities, I intend to avoid being sucked into the whirlwind of others’ agendas.

At the same time, “slow not lazy “acknowledges that, at times, life will get busy. There will be hours, days, weeks or months full of activity. That’s okay, slow does not mean idle. Rather, it’s a challenge to design my life with space for being as well as doing, and to bring a slow mindset to everything I do.

Have you set a theme or intention for the year? I’d love to hear what you chose and why.

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  1. Love this, I have the quote ‘smile, breathe and go slowly’ as my phone background and it’s a great reminder to just take a moment when things start getting a bit hectic or rushed. Happy New Year!

  2. What a great intention for 2017! I like your idea of being active and productive in deliberate way…as opposed to being active in productive in the standard hyper-connected, hyper-stimulated frantic way!

    I actually did set a word for myself to guide me through the year: simplify. On New Year’s Day my Mum asked me over the phone what my word would be, and I hadn’t thought of one until then, but that was what immediately popped into my head. Simplicity is something I want to bring to each and every aspect of my life, no matter how big or small!

  3. Your post, and concept of “slow not lazy” made me think of an article I read once about how “relaxation/recreation” has transitioned to (or the connotation of) “doing nothing” over time, as opposed to participating in an activity you enjoy that’s not work or your job. It’s a bit of a tangential thought. but one that came to mind. Love your premise of deliberateness here!

  4. I love the idea of a single word or phrase for the year. Last year my focus was on slowing down and this year I’ve chosen ‘simplicity’. As with all goals or intentions…it’s a work in progress. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love this phrase. “the glorification of busyness,” That’s it exactly!! If you’re not frenetically rushing here and there, then you are not up to par, some people act as if they think.

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