Tips for working from home

I’m writing this shortly after the Prime Minister of New Zealand asked all New Zealanders to work from home if they can in order to slow the spread of Covid-19, echoing moves around the world. In the midst of this big, scary pandemic, and all the changes that come with it, I hope that sharing my experience can make one change a little bit easier. 

Tips for working from home
Not my desk! Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Working from home can take some adjustment. I’ve mostly worked from home for the last three years, and my husband for over 10 years. It’s our preferred way of working. I’ve pulled together our advice on making working from home work well.

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Adventure – my word for the year for 2020

Adventure - my guiding word for 2020

To celebrate the end of the school year, we went out for dinner as a family. This isn’t something we’ve done before. We’ve consumed food in cafes, pubs and restaurants at dinner time, but in the context of desperately trying to survive a social engagement with a rapidly expiring child. Chips and pizza were often involved.

This was different – it was an occasion. We all put on nice-ish clothes and headed to a local Indian restaurant I’d heard good things about. Excited, but with the odd tinge of apprehension we walked into the restaurant. Hopes were high for a fun night – and it was. It was new and different and lots of fun. 

Reflecting on the evening, it was evident that our family is in a new season of life. 

That family outing was the inspiration for my word for 2020 – ADVENTURE. 

We’ve survived the preschool years, and we have a solid foundation in terms of our home, finances, friends and family. We’re ready to enjoy getting out into the world and mixing it up a bit more. 

I don’t have any big plans. It’s more about taking a positive approach to uncertainty, taking a few more chances and being more forgiving about racking things up to experience. 

I’m off to a flying start. Adventure 1 – going out to meet someone without my phone (necessitated by me leaving my phone at my parents and having to meet my dad halfway to be reunited with it). Followed by Adventure 2 – breaking out in hives. Not quite what I’d had in mind!

Do you set yourself a guiding word for year? Let me know, I love hearing them.

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Postscript: I wrote this post at the end of December, but never quite got around to publishing it. I’m embracing this as triumph in slow living – not because it took me so long to publish it, but because I am publishing it on my own timetable rather than some arbitrary timetable that doesn’t suit me.